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I am an artist who chooses to express herself differently every day.
This is a small collection of  the things I wake up and decide to do.


art direction

things i've made


an experiment i did.



For class, we had to make a video using the quote, "The last few years have been leading up to something."  This is a video about the struggles with addiction to self harm. Overcoming the daily triggers in regular life routines.

This is a random video that's sort of about my love for Richmond, but more about my love for this song.

Here's another piece that was part of "Project 54: Haagen-Dazs." My colleague, Ezra and I decided to set a timer for 30 minutes and paint a portrait of each other. We did a lot of weird stuff for Project 54, this isn't one of them.

regular art type stuff.

My first ever attempt at oil painting, stretching my own canvas, and framing.

A self portrait with acrylic paint.

Carved into a linoleum block and printed onto fancy rice paper.

Charcoal erasure study.

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