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You don't know how to dress well.  Bombfell sends a box of clothes to your door every month.  Now, you dress well.

Bombfell is a monthly clothing delivery service for menswear.  A stylist handpicks clothing items tailored to your requests and sends them to your door.  

Try them on, send back the items you don't want, only pay for what you keep.

By transforming an escalator stair into a Bombfell box, we show it being delivered to your "doorstep."

Trying on clothes in a cold, bright store fitting room can be such a pain that many will avoid doing it.  So being able to try on clothes in one's own home will feel like a luxury experience.

Elevators in locations like shopping malls, will be transformed into looking like a personal up-scale dressing room.

When the doors shut, the person is met with a mirror and cut-out stickers of clothing.

The viewer can then see what it would look like if they wore the clothes picked from Bombfell.

Outdoor sidewalk billboards will also display a mirror with cut-out outfits so people can envision themselves with a new look.

People are encouraged to take photos of themselves in these "mirror clothes" and share it on Instagram using #nextbombfella.

Bombfell will also post tips and tricks for how to wear and wash certain clothing items.

Partner: Jack Fagan | 2016

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