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LEGO STUDIO | Another way to Lego.

At Lego, we see every creation as a work of art, and to further our point, we introduce Lego Studio.


We have created an opportunity to experience a classic building toy in a new way. By turning Lego on its side, we present you with the chance to change the way you interact with Legos. 

Until now, you’ve probably only ever experienced Lego in its traditional form.

Placing bricks on top of each other on a flat horizontal surface and building vertically on all sides to create the perfect Lego model that matches the picture on the box.


We invite you to flip your perspective.

Lego Studio Workshop is an in-store event where customers of all ages can get together to explore a familiar building toy in a new way. Equipped with easels, a blank Lego “canvas,” and an infinite amount of Lego bricks, participants can create an authentic piece of art.


Turn your shopping experience into a play experience. For parents who need a break? Just drop your kids off and let us do the work while you shop. No clean-up required.

Artworks can be displayed on a gallery wall in-store or right outside the store if in a shopping mall.

Lego Studio creations adds a funky twist into any environment.

The artwork hangs easily on the wall to prevent damage.  Works can also be made small enough to sit on desks or hang on the fridge.

Lego Studio artists can virtually share their masterpieces on all social media platforms using #legostudio. 

Lego understands that arts and creativity are critical for the growth of a child.

We invite local schools to come and participate in Lego Studio workshops, during our slower hours, as a supplementary learning opportunity.

Copywriter: Isabelle Cabral

One Show - Young One's PENCIL Winner

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